The Palm Beach Sailing Club is dedicated to the safety of our members and guest sailors during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  To ensure everyone's safety, the following rules must be followed:



  • Campers will be given a PBSC buff to wear throughout the camp.  It is required that a buff or face mask be worn for all on land interactions by both coaches and campers.  Additionally campers in double handed boats must keep their buffs on on the water.

  • Upon arrival, campers will have their temperature taken and will sanitize their hands.

  • Campers will be kept in groups of 6-8 sailors plus their coach.  They are to remain with their group on land and on water. 

  • Each camper will be assigned a boat and a rig.  Campers are not to touch boats or rigs that don't belong to them.  The boats will be laid out in a manner that keeps appropriate distance between campers while rigging.

  • If there are muliple groups that need to rig, the coaches will set a schedule and campers are to rig in that time period so that campers can get out on the water.

  • On land activities like chalk talks and lunch will be done with proper social distancing in mind and chairs and equipment will be sanitized between groups.

  • When leaving the water, campers will line their boats up so that coaches can hose off the boats. 

  • No horseplay or wrestling allowed.

  • There will be several hand sanitizer stations located around the property and the campers are asked to make frequent use of them.

  • PBSC asks that if a camper or a camper's family member is not feeling well that they stay home and alert the Head Coach.

  • PBSC also asks that families alert us immediately if there has been a possible exposure to the virus by the camper or the camper's immediate family.