Adult Sailing

Instruction and Certification

New to sailing?

Comfortable on the water, but would like to learn more?

PBSC has a program for you.  Keel boat or small boat lessons and classes are all available.


For pricing and more information, please  email us.

Keel Boat Sailing

The Palm Beach Sailing Club is proud of our keel boat sailing program.  Adults have the opportunity to learn on one of our fleet of keel boats which include Sonars and J22s.


The "Learn to Sail" course is a comprehensive course designed for students who have never sailed, or those who have sailed and want to sail their own boat, or a club boat.


The lesson schedule is intended to be accommodating to both individuals who are still working, as well as those who are retired.



Small Boat Sailing

Small boat sailing is a simple, inexpensive way to get started in the sport. The fundamental basics of sailing are most easily learned in small boats. Many small boats are designed specifically for youth, and most provide a lifetime of enjoyment for adults as well.


We have an extensive fleet of small boats including: Lasers, Sunfish, Hobies, Zumas, and FJs that are available for use by club members. 


Private lessons and classes are available to members and non members.