Welcome to the Palm Beach Sailing Club



At PBSC we have several levels of Membership.  Please email us if you have questions or would like more information.


Full Member

A full member is open to anyone over the age of 30 and families.  They have access to everything that PBSC has to offer including use of our fleet of boats, abililty to store a boat on the property, access to our boat ramp, discounts for lessons and youth sailing.


Non-Resident Member

A non-resident member is similar to the full membership, but only resides in Palm Beach County for six (6) months per year.


Associate Member

Similiar to a full membership, but for people under the age of 30.


Social Member

Social membership is for anyone who would like to enjoy the social aspects of the club, such as the bar and restaurant, or attending events. 


Corporate Member

This includes all aspects of full membership, but for corporations rather than individuals or families.



PBSC is a private organization, owned by its members, and governed by an annually elected Board of Directors and Flag Officers. All members must apply for membership and be accepted by the board.  Membership is not restricted by age, gender, creed, race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.